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Organizational culture is a key factor in successfully implementing strategic initiatives. What aspects of culture are key to consider when implementing your Strategic Plan? Provide your rationale. Describe specific ways you will have considered the selected organizations culture in your Strategic Plan.

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Respond to this:

Many organizations around the world develop a strategic plan. They focus on the culture of their vision mission, and objective set forth by the organization. Some organizations will refer to this as organizational or corporate culture. The culture of the organization can be reflective of their dress code, business hours, office setup, employee benefit, turnover, hiring decisions, treatment of clients, client satisfaction, and every other aspect of operations.

Implementing the strategic plan is the action of the organization. The strategic plan came be made and all aspect thought out thoroughly but implementing mean everything to the plan that’s set.
I work at an engineering firm and I believe communication is one of the biggest aspects of making sure the plan is successful. Having persons in place that communicate and provide the direction and goals of the plan is essential to the success and ensuring they understood the importance of our goal. Allowing for the feedback is all essential because the employees may have genuine concern or can provide additional strategy to accomplishing the organizations goal.

Another key factor is the quality of work and client satisfaction. This is very important in my organization because we contracted through the major power industries throughout the US. The customer experience goes a long way in determining whether or not we receive bids on future work. If the customer experience was or wasn’t to their expectation, we encourage customers to complete a satisfaction surveys that we send out will be reflective of their experience.

Employee satisfaction is also important in my organizations culture. If the employees are not satisfied just like the clients the organization will not be successful. Employee turnover will have huge effect on the organization and will reflect on the client satisfaction surveys. Of course, we can’t make everyone happy all the time but putting listening to employee concerns can help an organization be successful with their mission, vision and successfully reaching their strategic plan successfully.


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