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One of the hugest challenges for officials that handle immigration is the number of resources available to process the thousands of immigration cases. As a result, of this the federal government has to ask for help from the state and local government. Many of the local immigration laws that call for background checks and/or allowing public services are usually trumped by federal immigration laws.

Federal laws are created then applied to the states and their citizens. These laws are then bonded into the United States Constitution, which gives the federal government power over all the states. An though the states may assist in immigration enforcement and regulation, it is the federal government that has the full control of enforcing the U.S. immigration laws. Which can result in confusion has how past and future immigration cases are possessed. The federal government has a law that states that if an immigrant commits a felony while on U.S. soil, they will be deported by to the country. But, The U.S. Constitution has a clause, that prevents the state law from interfering or conflicting with the federal immigration laws.

The mirror -image of state enforcement is wonderful—one of the most successful ideas in history. The theory has majority vote that a state carry out federal policy is the Arizona’s Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhood Act, known as the SB 1070. Arizona was known to have “crossed the line” when they decided to regulate the police to check immigration status or if suspect has entered the country illegally, when stopped. Other states have passed similar laws like Oklahoma and Utah, where they do a E-verify check, employment eligibility, voting privileges and impose restrictions on public assistance. The theory has been highly favored by dozens of U.S. senators, representatives, policy groups, private citizens and commentators including Sarah Palin, George Will, and editors of the New York Post and Washington Post.

Currently, to deal with the issues of immigration today, they have come to the idea of building a wall to keep immigrants out of the United States. I personally don’t think this a promising solution to the problem because immigrants would just find other ways to reach land. The wall I feel is just a temporary fix to a long lasting problem, but the current President just wants to be the one to say he fixed the problem or tried to the do something about it.

In a federal republic, there is a division of powers between the national government and the government of individuals, there is no monarch. While each manages their division of powers differently issues of the nation scope are handled at a “federal Level”. The federal republic is used by majority of countries, because it takes almost any form, from aristocracies to democracies.

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