sci120 environmental science 1

Lesson 4

In this lesson, you will be learning about biodiversity, forests, sustainable agriculture and deforestation.

Please watch the following videos, then answer the accompanying questions in a 1 page paper (using about 2 to 3 sentences to answer each question).

Deforestation in Cameroon

Deforestation in the Amazon

Harrison Ford Learns About Palm Oil and Deforestation

The Problem with Palm Oil

The Guerilla Gardner

Industrial vs. Sustainable Agriculture


1. How is deforestation and corruption affecting communities in Cameroon?

2. Who are the main actors and stakeholders (participants) in forestry industry in Cameroon?

3. What are some of the causes of deforestation in the Amazon and why is widespread deforestation bad?

4. What message is Harrison Ford trying to communicate in the documentary about palm plantations in Indonesia and elsewhere?

5. Why is Palm Oil problematic, what are some items that you might use on a regular basis that have palm oil or palm derivatives in them?

6. Would you be willing to reduce your consumption of or avoid products with palm oil derived ingredients or palm derivatives that are not sustainably produced?

7. Who is Ron Finley (guerilla gardener) and what are his goals?

8. What is a “food desert” as it was referred to in the Guerilla Gardner video with Ron Finley?

9. What is the difference between industrial agriculture and sustainable agriculture?

10 What are some ways in which agriculture and food production can be more sustainable?

Please ensure that you are using a title section in your submission.

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