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main que:Describe a decision tree by using a business example. Please explain why the decision tree helps leaders make decisions.

No need to provide answer to main question.just read below student posts and reply accordingly (2 posts) each in 150 words.

sudh-A selection tree can be described as a device used to beautify reaching a choice that could facilitate desired consequences. It uses a model of the alternatives in addition to the value which can be related to a specific choice. Some of the effects of a decision will be threat occasion final results, software and aid fees. A decision tree is one of the methods to offer an algorithm that carries most effective the provisional manage file. Decision bushes are typically utilized in operation studies and most in particular inside the resolution evaluation. The tree is used to help to categorize a method that is possibly to facilitate attaining an goal. A selection tree is likewise popular in device learning.

The factors of a selection tree encompass; begin node with one or greater ranges. The begin node then splits with or greater branches. The or greater branches additionally have two or extra nodes and their personal splits and branches in all likelihood. Then there is the movement node for each branch. To elaborate in this; after the Start node, there are the splits nodes, the cut up nodes and its branches represent the circumstance values. The splits and the branches are referred to as subtrees. These bushes, in this situation, are made up with their own set of nodes. In regard to the ‘stage’ detail, every degree represents a condition variable. The motion node, however, represents a cost that is assigned to the motion variable. The final element is the node path. A node course is displayed whilst a node is chosen within the selection tree. These factors play a sizeable position in permitting an individual to reach on the most appropriate decision possible

Naga-Effective and strategic decision-making is a value that all businesses must acquire. Business managers must thus heavily invest in decision-making mechanisms to ensure the success of their operations. Different mechanisms and models are deployed in decision-making. Decision tree is thus one of the many decision-making models used. A decision tree is a decision sustenance tool that uses a tree-like graph or classical of verdicts as well as their possible outcomes, including coincidental event outcomes, resource prices, and utility (Bhargava, Sharma, Bhargava & Mathuria, 2013). It is one way to display an algorithm that only contains conditional control statements.

The decision tree helps in conducting a holistic analysis of various factors connected to a particular issue while determining how such factors affect the issue. Business leaders are therefore able to use the decision tree in determining how particular elements on an issue affects the overall issue. For instance, production in a company is directly related to employees’ morale and skills. The decision tree helps leaders in making decisions through analysis and considerations of all possible outcomes and consequently traces each path to a decision (Bhargava, Sharma, Bhargava & Mathuria, 2013). It is thus helpful in conducting a comprehensive analysis before arriving at a decision.

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