smart iot devices in the home research paper

Paper Writing Component

a. Assigned Paper Review/Summary: Review and critically analyze the assigned research paper based on the paper content and quality of other references included in the paper. Write a summary of your analysis of the paper and cite the resources using APA format 6th edition (or higher edition) for citations. Do not COPY/PASTE text from the paper itself. Write in your own words. No quotations are allowed. This component is similar to the research Literature Review of the selected research topic. References must be quality scholarly sources. Length 400 – 500 words. b. Design and develop a Research Problem: i. Based on the topic of the research paper, identify a research problem in Information Security within the research area. Your research problem should be unique and should require further research to solve it. ii. Clearly state the research problem (What needs more research?) and show the importance (Why it need to be solved?) research problem with published scholarly work (e.g., other research articles/papers related to the research area). Also, propose an approach/plan of how you would conduct research to solve the research problem (How to solve the problem?). A research problem identifies an issue or a problem within a research area (in this case Information Security and Privacy) where additional information/research is needed to understand and solve it. Merely summarizing the articles that you have read is not sufficient. Rather, use existing literature as evidence that other authors are interested in the topic, but have not solved your research problem. Length 800 – 1000 words.

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