social problems assessment project

Introduction: The following assignment requires your full intellectual capacities.Please note that the project is comprised of two parts – a narrative grounded in empirical, scholarly research and a Power Point presentation.Instructions for completing both parts of the assignment are outlined below.

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to further acclimate you to employing peer-reviewed journals in order to write research-based papers.Moreover, this assignment will help you to develop critical analysis skills in taking a nuanced look at the multiple causes underlying social issues.Lastly, this assignment will also help you to learn how to work with others in developing professional presentations to present data and draw logical conclusions.

Part One:In a two-page paper, provide an analysis of the issue (social problem) you choose to research. A list of the topics is presented below.Your analysis should utilize three to four peer-reviewed journal articles that utilize empirical evidence in examining the issue (social problem).Peer-reviewed journal articles may be obtained via the college’s online library system ( addition to the three to four peer-reviewed journal articles, your textbook should be used as a source in writing your respective paper.As part of your analysis, the following should be incorporated:

  • An overall description of the problem including its sociological relevance;
    • Only those data extracted from websites with addresses ending with .edu, .gov, or .org will be permitted.
  • Theories outlining the origins of the problem (at least 2);
  • Factors, or variables, that have historically contributed to or exacerbated the ongoing existence of the social problem;
  • Recommendations for future research; and
  • List of citations and other sources used.

Your paper should be written in accordance with the American Sociological Association (ASA) style guide, 5th edition.The style guide can be accessed at:

Part Two: In a Power Presentation, present your findings examining the assigned topic or social problem.Your presentation should be formatted accordingly:

  • Slide 1:A brief description of the problem
  • Slide 2:At least one table or chart depicting the problem
  • Slide 3:Highlight identified reasons for problem
  • Slide 4:Micro-level or individual factors that perpetuate the problem (At
  • Slide 5:Macro-level or systemic factors that perpetuate the problem (At
  • Slide 6:Conclusions (suggested research and programmatic efforts)

least 2)

least 2)

In preparing your presentations, technology such as video clips and other illustrations in addition to the table or chart may be used.

Since this is an on-line class, we can’t actually present the Power Point to the class.However, your Power Point should be constructed as if you were doing an actual presentation in front of a class.


  1. Cyber Bullying
  2. Domestic Violence
  3. Education Disparities (separate topics listed below)
    1. High School Completion Rates
    2. Minority College Completion Rates
    3. Women in STEM
  4. Environmental Discrimination
  5. Gender-based Pay Disparities
  6. Gerrymandering/Voter Suppression
  7. Gun Control
  8. Hate Crimes
  9. Health Disparities (separate topics listed below)
    1. Chronic Disease Disparities (e.g., asthma, cancer, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, etc.)
    2. Health Care Access
    3. Infant Mortality Disparities
    4. Minority Physician
  10. Illegal Immigration
  11. Incarceration Disparities
  12. Income Inequality
  13. Racial Profiling
  14. Substance Abuse
  15. Unemployment (Disparities)

Additional instructions

  • Please follow the instructions and guideline carefully
  • All sources utilize must be from
  • Please follow the grading RUBRIC in writing the assignment
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