sociology discussion 91


In this

you will read a post from one of these sociology blogs and write a 1-2 page reflection paper about the post. The goal for this assignment is for you to see further examples of applying a sociological perspective to aspects of social life. In the

you should first summarize the post. What was the topic of the post? What was the sociological perspective being applying to the topic? Then you should reflect on what you learned from the post. Did it challenge what you thought about the topic? Did it complicate an aspect of social life? What fascinated you about this post? I suggest

a blog post and topic that sparks your interest.

Here are links to a few popular sociology

to use for this assignment.

The Society Pages- Sociological Images (Links to an external site.)

Everyday Sociology- Ask a Sociologist (Links to an external site.)

Sociology in Focus- People, Things, and our Sense of Self (Links to an external site.)

The Society Pages- Clippings: Inequality and Motherhood after 40 (Links to an external site.)

Creative Sociology (Links to an external site.)

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