the boy who was raised as a dog

This is a major assignment in this class and is worth 100 points toward your final grade. This case study assignment must be written in APA format (title page, references, etc.) and you must include at least three outside references. This assignment must be at least five pages not including the title and reference pages. If you address each question properly, this will not be difficult. I will deduct points for grammar and spelling errors! Please proofread prior to submitting. This assignment is due to me via CANVAS by 11/20/2019.

1) Read Chapter Eight (“The Raven”) from the book The Boy Who Was Raised As A Dog.

2) Answer the following questions:

a. Discuss a key concept you have learned in class and discuss how it applies to the experience of the child in this chapter.

b. Discuss how this story impacted you on both personal and professional levels.

c. What are traumatic memory “triggers” and how do they affect survivors?

d. Why do trauma survivors sometimes turn to “cutting” or other forms of self-mutilation? What effects does this have on the brain?

e. Why did Amber try to get her abuser to drink alcohol and sometimes appear to “encourage” the abuse? What does this tell us about the importance of control to coping with trauma?

f. Should “triggers” always be avoided, or should survivors gradually learn to cope with them? Why?

g. After examining Amber’s case, detail the signs of a dissociative threat response that you might be able to recognize in children you work with.

3) You must use at least three scholarly references (journal articles, textbooks, etc.) NOT google, Wikipedia, etc. Only reliable internet sources such as .gov or .org websites can be used as references

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