week 13 discussion sapolsky on fareed zakaria s gps

  • Initial post due Wednesday by 11:59pm.
  • Response to TWO classmates due Friday by 11:59pm.

This week we are continuing to work on Essay 3. This video for the week isn’t technically a TED talk, but its an academic interview, so I am treating it as such. If you have chosen the Robert Sapolsky piece for one of your sources, the video for this week will seem familiar. We will be watching an interview on GPS between the host Fareed Zakaria and Robert Sapolsky, who is a neuroendocrinologist and professor of biology, neurology, neurological sciences and neurosurgery at Stanford University.

After you have watched the video, please answer the following questions.


  1. What is Sapolsky’s main argument? Or what is his thesis?
  2. Name at least 2 specific examples/pieces of evidence he uses to support her argument? What kind of evidence is Sapolsky telling his audience in the speech?
  3. What was the biggest takeaway that you had from this video? What interested you the most?
  4. What is Sapolsky’s purpose? What does Sapolsky want from his audience?
  5. What is Zakaria’s tone? Is his tone successful in connecting with his audience? What is Sapolsky’s tone? Is his tone successful in connecting with his audience? Is there any difference between their tones? Is one more successful than the other?
  6. What is at least one specific examples of what Sapolsky describes that show up in Zootopia?(Remember to be as specific as possible.)

Happy Watching and Writing!


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