week7 discussion

Describe and discuss at least two backup strategies. Discuss the use of cloud backup strategies, as well?


and also provide reply to below student post.

sach-Below are some ways to back up the data.

1.Incremental backup:

In incremental backup strategy, data that has been updated or changed since previous backup is backed up. Incremental backup saves time as it only makes back-ups of the data which is being updated or changed instead of backing up entire data again.

2.Differential backup:

In this, it starts with full backup of data and then it only makes back-up of the data that has been changed or updated. It is similar to incremental backup; the only difference is that incremental backup stores the data that is been updated since the time of previous backup. While in differential backup all the data that has changed since last full backup is stored.

Cloud based backup:

Cloud backup involves sending copy of data to an off-site server over an internet connection.

Hybrid clouds are one of the cloud-based backup elements in which an organization usually manages backup data onsite for restoring along with additional stored copy in cloud.

Cloud-to-cloud backup is a practice of copying data from one cloud backup service to another cloud. It is one of the emerging technologies (Lewis, n.d.)

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS): This service allows users to run the copy or instance of the sensitive data of a virtual machine (VM) of the cloud backup provider’s data center. The all networking issues can be resolved easily because the DRaaS provide a way for the users to be back online in a matter of minutes.


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