3 1 reflection questions unit 3 social health gt section 3 1 healthy relationships

Take a few moments to reflect on the information you learned in this section and apply it to your own life. You can post your answers in the course under 3.1 Reflection. Be sure to use complete sentences.


Think about your best friend, and then answer the next 4 questions.

  1. Describe why this person is your best friend.
  2. Based on your relationship with your best friend, what characteristic of a healthy friendship do you think is most important?
  3. When you and your best friend have conflict, how do you solve it?
  4. What does your best friend do to help support you change the health habit you chose for your health habit action plan?

Refer to Assignment 1.2 Health Habit Action Plan to answer the question below. Remember, you should be working on this goal throughout the course in order to complete your final project for the course!

  1. Track your progress on your health habit action plan by answering the questions below. Record your progress for your health habit action plan.
  • Describe how successful you have been this week in changing your health habit.
  • Describe any barriers you have encountered this week that have deterred you from changing.
  • Describe how your support network has encouraged you to change.
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