8 philosophical questions 1

No less than 50-60 words/question!

Use own words and cite when necessary!

Please see and read the pdf below.

Please answer all of the following questions:

1, On page 361, what are the three things the sun is said to provide?

2, On page 361, what is the good said to be the cause of in the world of mind?

3, What are the four distinctions made by the divided line?

4, How does the divided line figure into the allegory of the cave? Be as specific as possible.

5, The prisoners are said to have been bound in the cave since childhood? What is the significance of this distinction figuratively outside of the allegory?

6, On page 365, the prisoners are said to be fettered in such a way that they ” cannot move their heads round” and they ” can only look forward.” Outside of the allegory, what do you think these fetters represent figuratively?

7, What is the figurative significance of the prisoners being able to see their own shadows outside of the allegory? [pg.366]

8, According to page. 370, what are the shadows on the wall said to represent?

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