business concepts 5

write a minimum of 1200 words for numbers 1-5 and 3 scholarly sources……….NO PLAGIARISM

1. With the massive amount of applicants that a company may receive from online recruitment, many companies use personality tests to screen applicants. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using these types of assessment?

2. What legal issues must you keep in mind when selecting candidates? Research and discuss a company that violated one of these issues. What were the consequences?

3. Research an organization in which you would want to work based on compensation and

. Discuss which details of the company’s compensation and benefit package attract you to the organization. What is the level of employee satisfaction with the company?

4. What is the importance of workforce diversity? Research and discuss an organization that you feel exemplifies ideal diversity in the workforce.

5. Describe the differences in HRM in unionized organizations and non-unionized organizations.

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