CJ 308 PROJECT TWO In this project, you will demonstrate mastery of the following competency:


In this project, you will demonstrate mastery of the following competency:

  • Analyze the methods of cybercrime prevention and prosecution.


Wellness Hospital Group hired your security consulting business to produce an after-action report on the recent ransomware attack. Attackers have requested Bitcoin as currency to pay the ransom. Your focus will be to analyze the gaps (such as improper reporting of a critical event) in their methods of prevention and to provide Wellness Hospital Group with clarity regarding legal actions associated with the cybercrimes committed.

Your presentation is based on the information gathered in the Ransomware Scenario Overview video provided in the Supporting Materials section.


Use the analysis you produced in the Module Six discussion along with the paper you produced in the Module Six assignment and present your findings. Specifically, produce a narrated PowerPoint presentation for the client, using the following outline:

  1. Executive Summary
    1. Define the purpose and scope of the debrief.
    2. Identify the causes for the attack.
  2. Gaps Assessment
    1. Analyze 3-5 gaps identified in the organization’s response to the cybercrime.
    2. Perform a risk assessment; explain the level of exposure.
  3. Legal Accountability
    1. Identify 2-3 legal considerations and internal accountability.
    2. Identify external legal considerations.
  4. Recommendations
    1. Recommend the appropriate action or actions for responding to and prosecuting cybercrimes.
    2. Provide justification for the actions recommended.
  5. Conclusion
    1. Explain the lessons learned.
    2. Identify the next steps.

What to Submit FOR this project, you must submit the following:

Cybercrime Investigation and Prosecution Presentation

  • You should submit an 8- to 10-slide



module 6 analysis and video source for project

A cybersecurity incident can impact the organization beyond IT by affecting the rest of the employees from doing their jobs, forcing the organization to make discissions hastily, mass resources are reallocated to deal with cybersecurity incident instead of their regular tasks. There were several gaps in cybersecurity and organizational preparedness in this case. There was a gap in that this was able to happen in the first place because there was a preexisting security risk. The fact that they waited to kill the entire system led to a much larger data loss. Lessons learned from this exercise are that cybersecurity attacks can happen quickly and acting the most efficiently with your time and staff is crucial in protecting your organization. It is very important vet employees that are interacting with systems for potential affiliation with cybercriminals and threats. I would say it surprised me how long the process took to make a call to protect the information and data leak.


SNHU Media. (2021, November 03). Ransomware Scenario Overview.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6yOKeJq4gM

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