computational circuits project

Assignment sheet is attached, please make sure you have the expertise before you bid, i will not hesitate to withdraw/refund if the answer does not follow the assignment sheet properly.

Q,1. Design a combinational circuit that produces the product of 2 two-bit numbers(XYZW=AB*CD)

Q,2. ABCD-to-seven-segment decoder is a combinational circuit that converts a decimal digit in BCD to an appropriate code for the selection of segments in a display indicator used for displaying the decimal digits in a familiar form. The seven outputs of the decoder (a,b,c,d,e,f,g) select the corresponding segments in the display, as shown in the picture. Design the BCD-to-sevensegment decoder using minimum number of gates. The six invalid combinations should result in a blank display.

Please do it via computer not hand drawing (if you can)

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