Discuss which validity threats are most common.

Comment on the articles discussed by two of your classmates and address the following:

  • Discuss which validity threats are most common.
  • Discuss which validity threats you believe to be the most difficult to deal with.

Peer one below.

The peer-reviewed article I have selected to use in my final assignment is: “The effect of peer interaction on sport confidence and achievement goal orientation in youth sport”

A threat to this article would be that it is centered around youth sports and peer interaction that influences confidence in that sport. So, if a player has no peer interaction or bad experiences with peers on their team, their confidence within that sport is going to be very, very low.

Not all confidence in oneself or playing a sport is centered around their teammates but a big portion of feeling good is hearing positive reinforcement from your peers and coaches. If you are only hearing the negative you are doing, you are more like to quit the sport or stop giving it your all. You would start to view yourself as a burden instead of an essential part of the team.

A good way to help confidence of a team in general is to have team bonding events, it does not have to be a big expense or big event. Just something enough that the team can be together outside of games or practice and enjoy one another. They can build friendships and understand each other’s personalities better. If you have a strong team that communicates well, understands one another and uplifts each other, you are going to have a better turn out in games and wins. Even if that team loses a game they will still see it as a learning opportunity because they know very player counts on one another.

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