discussion 2917

This week you will be working on an evaluation plan for your EBP proposal for Hypertension due to Obesity. Submit your evaluation plan to the discussion board. Include concepts of what outcomes you are measuring, what data you are gathering, and what statistical analysis method you will use to evaluate the effectiveness of your intervention.

We used a PICOT question to assist us in our search for evidence–thus making you think there is research involved in your project. In truth, I can understand the confusion–but the purpose of the PICOT is to assist in your search for support in implementing the change. Once you have the support them you are evaluating the change not the question.

My PICOT question:

Among adults diagnosed with high blood pressure seeking care at Phoebe Putney Primary Care Clinic (P), does a lifestyle program of diet and exercise (I), compared to no lifestyle program (O) improve blood pressure results (O) over a period of eight months (T)?

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