discussion and assignment 22

Task 1


“Using virtualization to protect subscriber data”

In your initial discussion post, recommend two options or approaches that cloud service providers can implement to protect subscriber data. Keep in mind, there is a balance to be struck between relying on trusted processes and security policies, and achieving operational agility –especially when subscriber data is at stake. You are to post directly to the thread. Any discussion posted in an attachment will be disregarded.

Your initial post is due by 11:59 PM Wednesday 11/20/19 and be a minimum of 800 words.

Respond substantively to at least two other students’ posts. In your response posts, please compare the option(s) that your peers have suggested for protecting cloud subscriber data to your own recommendations. Describe the differences or similarities between each other’s suggestions. What is the best practice between your recommendation(s) and that of your classmates?

Your responses are due by 11:59 PM Sunday 11/24/19 and be a minimum of 350 words each. Discussions threads will close on Sunday, 11:59 pm Eastern Time (EST)in the week they are assigned.

*please remember to include at least three credible scholarly references with your initial post and two credible scholarly references with your response posts!

Note : Your Answer must be 800 words and three References

Response 1: 350 words and References

Response 2: 350 words and References

Response 1: 350 words and References

Task 2


Topic: Microsegmentation and Zero Trust Security

Overview: Briefly describe the physical segmentation and microsegentation networking environments. Describe the difference between these two networking approaches.

Explain the concept of Zero Trust Security. How is this model different from conventional security models? How does this model support ubiquitous security in a cloud environment?

Explain how microsegmentation topology provides the foundation for implementing the Zero Trust model. Why do modern organizations need to consider implementing a Zero Trust security approach?

Please ensure you refer to the rubric for details on the requirements for this assignment!

Note : Your Answer must be 1000 words and three References.

Please refer below attached document

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