genetics results sections


Unknown plant identified: Robinia pseudoacacia

Phylogenetic Lab Report : SEE RUBRIC AND ATTACHMENT



A. Summary of results in prose, including interpretation of any statistics 6 pts

You will have two main results, the identity of your mystery plant and your two phylogenetic trees. For your mystery plant, provide the name of the Order (ends in –ales), the Family (ends in –aceae), full species name (consists of Genus and specific epithet), and the Genbank accession number. For the phylogenetic trees – you should include the figures at the end, and do some minor discussion of what you found. What were the bootstrap values on various groupings? Were they generally high or low? Do your two trees tell the same story?

PLEASE mention nano drop data

Nano drop results, -1.1 (good quality of DNA). why is it considered good quality DNA for plants.

****figures are done. included below


Hypothesis: Determining how organisms are related to one another. Relationships among species are formed and they have once shared a common ancestor but they have evolved and have changed.

Purpose: Build a phylogeny tree of green plants based off of an unknown plant to explore and compare it to other published phylogenies of plants to determine unknown plant.

RESULTS FOR DISCUSSION: Restate hypothesis, Unknown plant identified: Robinia pseudoacacia – provide some history about plant ( include citation), compare and contrast phylogenies of maximum likelihood (ML) to neighbor joining (nj) distance (including difference in sub groups) and which one was better at showing the relationship between closely related species and there evolution (attached), find a study that supports the results that the groups mentioned in ML and NJ are also closely related in a published study . Nano drop results, -1.1 (good quality of DNA).

NO citations NEEDED, NO PLAGIARISM, full sentences. 1 page minimum, 1 1/2 MAX.

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