i need help with these 4 essay questions provide as much detail as possible

Question 1

Tom Petty recently suffered a heart attack. He was transported to the hospital and put on life support. Once the doctors determined his brain was no longer functioning, they removed life support and it was reported that he had died. Later, the LAPD retracted his death as he still had a heartbeat, even without brain function or life support. Explain the mammalian heart, how it beats, the unique cell types, and how it was possible for him to have a heartbeat without brain function.

Question 2

Imagine you are a mammalian blood cell. Describe yourself. Starting in the lungs tell me what

happens to you as you move around the whole body. Tell me what structure you are in and

what is happening to you. Be specific.

Question 3

Imagine you are swimming in the ocean looking at the amazing reef. You are about 12 feet

below the surface of the water and you get a crushing feeling in your chest letting you know

you need to breathe. Biochemically, what is happening in your blood? What other cells is this triggering and where are they located?

Question 4

Explain how your body digests and absorbs nutrients from proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids

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