literature review assignment value and risk enterprise risk management at statoil

Part of doing research is to dive deeper into a problem by identifying key areas in the topic being examined. To do this involves selecting key words from the information provided and doing a search of the literature using these key words. During a literature review, one creates an annotated bibliography of the list of documents found. First an APA reference list of documents is created that provides valuable information in support of the research. Then for each reference a brief discussion on what the reference is about and how it supports the research topic.

For this assignment, create an annotated bibliography on the case study above. Review the case study and develop a set of key words to search for. Then search for peer reviewed journals and sources that support your research topic. Do not use any references from the case study. Using MS Word or other word processor, create a reference list of each document found. Use Times New Roman 12 font throughout and single-spaced font. Make sure the reference list is in APA style format. Review each source and create a minimum 4-5 sentence paragraph describing what the paper is about and how it relates to the subject of the case study. Put this under the source reference. Repeat this process for a minimum of 10-12 sources.

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