megan meier case study

In a minimum of 3-full pages in length with a minimum of 3-outside sources, answer the following questions:

What is cyberstalking?  Research the Megan Meier case.  Do you agree with the ruling?

At the time of the Megan Meier suicide, the state of Missouri had the below laws:

SB 0758 – Revises Law Relating to Computer Crimes

  • 565.090 – Includes reference to communications by any means in the crime of harassment.
  • 565.225 – Revises the definition of “credible threat” relating to crime of stalking to include certain written, electronic or telephonic communications, or specific postings of a site or message.
  • SB 0070 and SB 255 – Prohibits specific fraudulent use of the Internet effective August 28, 2001
  • SCS/SBs 70 & 255 – This act prohibits a person from operating an Internet website, which causes another person’s computer to dial a telephone number for which a charge is assessed without the other person’s consent. A violation is a Class A misdemeanor unless the long-distance charges exceed five hundred dollars, in which case the violation is a Class C felony. The act provides for venue where the victim resides or where the crime occurred. This portion of the act is similar to SB 70.
  • The act also adds electronic mail messages as a method by which a person may commit the crime of harassment, and prohibits the use of electronic mail to send obscene or indecent commercial messages. This provision is similar to SB 255
  • Do you think that they should have used these laws to prosecute Drew?
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