online banking risks research paper

Complete a research paper for the matter of: Risks associated with online banking and how to improve security,

Written report should include:

    • Title page
    • Introduction: Explain the purpose of the paper. In most cases, the Introduction summarizes the importance and includes a clear statement of the research hypotheses or aims of the paper.
    • Literature Review/: Describe what has been written by other researchers and authors about your topic of study and previous research in the area and – this should motivate the reader to understand why there is a issue in this area and what you will be specifically looking at.
    • Your contribution/Results: Summarize the data analysis and statistics you found and provide explanation of how you developed a solution/treatment of the problem. Graphs and tables should be included if they make the results more intelligible.
    • Conclusion: Implications of the research, including how the results support or do not support the argument; comparison of results with previous research; and problems with the research.
    • Guidelines: Between 7 and 10 pages not including diagrams
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