paper based on an interview and articles

After listening to the interview and reading the articles, tell me what Nadeen , the CEO/Co-founder of the organization, thinks: the importance of teams, her stances/views on teams and what makes a good team, how does she motivate her team to set goals for themselves. Once the goals are set, how does she motivate her team to accomplish said goals?

1 ½ to 2 page long, double spaced, 12 font TNR.

Two articles:

“When Good Teams Go Wrong” case study by Levy

“The Discipline of Teams” by J. Katzenbach

The paper is mainly based on the CEO (interview) but it needs to relate to the class materials, so this is where the articles come in.

Utilize the information from the articles (or use other additional useful/helpful articles) to enhance how team work is important to Nadeen, show how the articles support her ideas. No need for any instruction or conclusion because this will be added to another paper.

After the questions is chosen please let me how I can share the audio file from google drive with you. Due to it being too large I couldn’t attached it with this question.

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