respond to post a b and c apa format and reference ciitation 300 words total

(A)A vulnerable population prevalent in my practicum community is vulnerable children. The culture that is prevalent in my chosen population is African American and children tend to suffer from mental health disparities. There is a major need for mental health services among poor and disabled children and a lack of pediatric mental health services and many areas of the United States (Ferguson 2007). Coverage for these children from medicaid is viewed by decision makers as unnecessary because it is more extensive than employer-based coverage that most middle class children gain from their parents (Ferguson 2007). Law makers have a hard time in agreeing to provide more generous services to support pediatric mental health despite the many facts that support it. Variable associated with family stress and low socioeconomic status may elevate the risks of mental health illness (“Early Childhood Mental Health”). Although these children may never recover from the stress and trauma, early detection can reduce the severity of mental health issues in these children and reduce the amount of children that may be at risk for mental health disparities.

(B)A vulnerable population that is prevalent in my practicum setting is people of low-income and from the LGBTQ community. Unfortunately for this “vulnerable” population, trying to convince policymakers to allocate resources for the benefit of their health is a challenge. The challenge lies in persuading not only the policymakers but the public of why this population is “deserving” of resources. The extent to which they believe that a condition is self-inflicted absolutely affects their willingness to fund services (Ferguson, 2007). Although I do think that this population requires additional resources to execute health promotion programs properly, I would also categorize this population as “undeserving.” The circumstances of an HIV positive member is classified as a situation where their health condition was caused by a preventable cause such as unprotected sexual intercourse or the sharing of needles. To allocate funds for this community means taking away resources from another population where circumstances aren’t preventable such as premature births or developmental disabilities.

(C)The vulnerable population chosen from the city of Lealman in Florida is the population of the homeless community. The homeless community in Lealman are large in the ethnic group of white people and are a result of low income and people who live in poverty. Homeless people usually turn toward alcohol and substance abuse and vice versa (Addiction, 2019). This usually happens from people who have addictive disorders. People with addictive disorders usually disrupt relationships with their friends and families, end up losing their jobs, struggle to pay their bills and lose their homes

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