think of 10 questions to ask

We are holding a joint exercise with the Emergency Management class in the Criminal Justice Department. They will be emergency officials in a severe weather event, and we will be the reporters holding a press conference to ask details about the situation. Here is the scenario:

Hurricane Greg hit the Gulf Coast with great fury, a Category 5 storm.

It progressed North/Northeast, hitting Dothan then traveling on to Troy.

  • Two tornadoes spawned from Greg, one hitting the Trojan Center and the other nearly destroying the Troy First Baptist Church.
  • Greg is traveling Northward, also causing a tornado to hit in Montgomery. 
  • This assignment is  worth 100 points and the directions are as follows:
  • 20% – Ask a question at the press conference. You must listen to the questions and the answers. If another student asks your question, you will have to think quickly for another question, just like a real press conference. If you don’t ask a question, 20 points will automatically be deducted from your assignment.
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