week 1 assessment gauging logo redesign reactions

Week 1 Assessment – Gauging Logo Redesign Reactions

Learning Objectives Covered:

  1. Research and define three questions to reveal a unique logo and corporate identity strategy



When a company undertakes a logo redesign they must also consider how to manage the audience’s reaction to what is created. Often consumers develop deep emotional ties to the look and even feel a sense of community and ownership of the company. Because feelings can run high when a company undertakes a logo redesign the general public may or may not feel betrayed by the idea that something about the visual presentation has been changed.

Companies often must present a clear research strategy when they present their newly redesigned logo so that everyone understands the thinking and reasoning behind the redesign. Often companies present answers around the following questions when showing their newly redesigned logo:

  • Why was the logo redesigned?
  • How does the new design represent new directions for the company?
  • How does the new design still embrace legacy the company has been built upon?


In this assessment, we will conduct library research to understand how companies have either successfully or unsuccessfully presented their newly redesigned logos to the general public.

First, click on the Independence University library link on the homepage of this course.

Next, select the ProQuest Newsstand link. This will allow you to search a database of over 1,500 electronic articles.

Then, type the words “logo redesign” into the search box. This search should reveal several thousand articles about logo redesigns. Clicking on an article’s name will reveal the article so you can read it.

Choose three different articles to read and analyze for this assignment. For each article, you will need to write at least 150 words summarizing the following:

  • Why was the logo redesigned?
  • What new direction does the logo represent?
  • What was the general public reaction to the logo?
  • Do you think it was a successful redesign? If so, why? If not, what would you have done differently to make it better?

In addition, take a screen shot of both the before and the after of each logo. If there are no images in the article, you may have to conduct a Google search to retrieve “before” and “after” versions of the logo.

Place both your text and images into a Word document for your final presentation. You should have a minimum of 450 words and you also must include IWG citations for each article profiled.

When you have completed all parts of the assessment, save your Word document with the following name:


Tip: Feel overwhelmed researching ProQuest? Here is a video that shows you how to use ProQuest and our other Library resources. (20:23 min)
https://youtu.be/Be48UhWCIDA (Links to an external site.)

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