working in teams 1

Download the worksheet from the assignment tab. Type the answers directly onto the sheet under each question. Write in paragraphs of at least 75 words (more is better and usually necessary to provide examples and fully answer the questions). Look for the answers in your readings, not Google. APA formatting is not necessary for the week 1 and 2 assignments, but that doesn’t mean your paper shouldn’t be neat and tidy. Use one font only (Times New Roman, 12 -point, is preferred). Write in complete sentences. (“Example of a theory — family” is not a complete sentence). Please don’t wait until 11:30 on Monday evening to do your homework. If you’re not a strong writer, you will need to ask someone to proofread your paper for you, or you will need to submit it to the Center for Writing Excellence to get grammar, spelling, and punctuation corrected.

I have attached the workshee

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