psyc300 week 2 discussion

Respond to all three questions below.

1. Imagine you are conducting a literature review in preparation for a study of expectations regarding the sharing of financial and practical responsibilities among married and cohabiting couples in which both partners are between the ages of 20 and 29. Conducting a keyword search on “couples” and “responsibility,” you generate a lengthy list of research articles. You decide to shorten the list by eliminating all articles that were not published in prestigious research journals and to only include the remaining articles in your literature review. What is gained and lost by using that approach. Is it an appropriate one for a scholarly literature review?

2. While reading a literature review written by a novice researcher in your field, you notice that the researcher seems to have relied heavily on the Internet in preparing the review. Your hunch is supported when you glance at the reference page and find a long list of web addresses. What goes through your mind regarding the quality and adequacy of the literature review in this situation?

3. Describe two different problems related to research design that are commonly encountered when doing research and for each explain how a complete and detailed research proposal would help the researcher avoid the problem.

Label each answer with the corresponding number accordingly so everyone can easily see where the answer to question 1 of your post ends and answers to questions 2 and 3 begin.

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Classmate #1:

Hello Class,

Question 1

One of the gains of using only research articles that are published in prestigious research journals for my literature review would be the credibility of the articles. The prestigious research journals are most times peer reviewed meaning they have met the basic standards of the field. One of the disadvantages of using only the articles from prestigious research journals is a loss of differing perspectives as found in scholarly books. If I decided to also include scholarly books in my research this could give me the option to see authors that have different perspectives in the same book which presents two sides of the same coin that gives more insights. I also don’t think my approach would be appropriate for a scholarly review because I didn’t index my terms of “couples” and “responsibilities”. These terms are too broad in my study of regarding the sharing of financial and practical responsibilities among married and cohabiting couples in which both partners are between the ages of 20 and 29.

Question 2

I concluded that the article was not reliable when I saw that the articles only referenced websites. It would not be able to adequately help in my research. This article is geared toward informing the general public of the personal impressions of the author or authors of the article. Websites are usually not reviewed by researchers so this can hinder self-correction. I would not use this article in my review.

Question 3

One problem relating to research design is finding a good research question or idea. An idea can come from something as simple as observing something you or someone else has read or seen or even experienced that may have you interested enough to want to investigate it further. Once the idea has been established then the next step is to generate empirically testable research questions. During this process, you want to make sure that the questions are interesting enough to other people and also other researchers or the scientific community. This is referred to as the interestingness of the question. Three elements that can have influence in this process are the determining if the answer to the question is debatable, fills a void in research literature, and has essential realistic results.

Another problem is defining variables. This somewhat ties into a good research question. A variable can be either quantitative or qualitative. For example, a person’s shoe size or weight can be a quantitative variable because it involves quantity while a person’s gender or name can be a qualitative variable because it is considered a quality of an individual. After what variables are being studied then we have to the relationship between the variables.

Classmate #2:

Good Afternoon Everyone,

1. By only using research articles from prestigious journals, the researcher would lose a portion of completed and available research. What classifies as a prestigious journal may vary from person to person. One thing that is gained by using this approach is that these prestigious journals are heavily reviewed by other researchers and scientists. While those not from prestigious journals may not have as many reviews. I do not think that this is an appropriate way to conduct a scholarly literature review because it could be seen as research bias. For example, it could be seen as the researcher cherry picking what fits his beliefs. Instead, the researcher should use different searchable words and methods to better narrow down his search.

2. The internet can be a great place to discover a variety of research studies. I believe that the quality and adequacy would depend on what type of literature the person is using from the internet. I do not see a problem with multiple web-based references if the individual is using journals or scholarly books that have been peer reviewed and completed within the past few years. This would be the same information you would find in a library. The thought that would go through my mind would be that I would want to verify that these are good references. Although, from an outside appearance it would be best to diversify where your information is coming from.

3. One problem that is associated with research design is its significance. Significance is important for a research project because it places value on the study. When proposing your idea to a team or institution, the researcher will have to explain to them why their research is not only important, but by how it will influence the knowledge that already exists. A complete and detailed proposal would include the significance of the study by stating your goals. A researcher could use these goals to contrast other studies goals during the literature review. The second problem a researcher could face is by inadvertently conducting the same research from the past. It is important that the researcher complete a detailed literature review. During the literature review, the researcher should focus on the limitations and weaknesses of other studies. This is one way to differentiate your study from others that are similar. This solution could also be used to show significance.

150 Words minimum answer to each

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