the house of sand and fog uses theories of the tragedy of hegel and nietzsche


How to Write the Synthesis Essay

Grading Rubric:

General requirements [check list]

  • The essay is six paragraphs in length, no more, no less.
  • You must use two quotes from The House of Sand and Fog. The quotes can go anywhere in the essay but no more than one per paragraph.
  • You must have an introduction and conclusion that uses the techniques based in my lecture. See below for more on this. You must have the thesis at the end of the introduction. If you “announce” your thesis, the entire introduction will be incorrect.
  • You must create two sections in the body of the essay with two paragraphs per section. Follow your version of the outline form.
  • You must have correct section and topic sentences. Please see my lecture on the essay on placement of the section sentences. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT AND YOU WILL LOSE POINTS IF YOU DO NOT DO THIS CORRECTLY.
  • Quotes must be integrated into your text with signal phrases. Cite the speaker in the text: Author X says “….” Colonel Behrani describes his son as “…” See the handout Integrating quotes in the Module. It is absolutely essential for you to use in-text citations correctly. See “APA in-text Citations” in the module. If you are unsure, ask me or a librarian to help you.
  • You must have a perfectly formatted reference page using the citations from your sources
  • The essay must be in perfect APA final copy form. You must use Grammarly since basic grammar and spelling count.
  • Introduction and Conclusion: You must begin with either a quote, questions or anecdote, which could be a scene from the film. After the quote, questions or anecdote you must explain its significance to the film and Hegel and Nietzsche’s theories. End the introduction with the thesis.
  • Your conclusion must either predict or recommend.
  • Body: Remember to locate section sentences and topic sentences correctly. See my lecture on essay structure, which shows you how. Make sure you are using direct references to the film to support your ideas.
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