complete wbs for the project management class devry



  • WBS Outline: in a Word document (50 points)
  • Project Schedule: the MS Project file (.mpp) saved from the Tracking Gantt chart screen (50 points)

You must download MS Project from the software store or access it through Virtual Lab (Citrix). If you have had any difficulty with this, please let your professor know.

You will create a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for the project you selected and the scope you have created. See the Course Project Overview page under Introduction and Resources for details.

Remember that the WBS starts with your major deliverables (that you stated in your scope management plan) at the highest level. The lower levels have the work package required to complete those deliverables.

From your work breakdown structure, develop a project task list with dependencies and add durations, using MS Project.

For additional instructions and guidelines, refer to the Course Project Overview page, located under Introduction and Resources.

Develop the work breakdown structure first in MS Word as a hierarchical list in outline form. It should look like this.

Work Breakdown Structure – Outline Format in Microsoft Word

This image illustrates the visual representation of the Work Breakdown Structure outline: the major and minor hierarchical levels of the work to be done, using different levels of indentation with code numbers for each element. It depicts the granular level activities needed to be performed towards achieving the deliverable.

Now take these tasks and copy them into Microsoft Project.

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